Power Services


as a service.

High voltage service connections, cable laying and private line maintenance.

Large scale.
High voltage.

We do the jobs your average sparky cant do.

Our services include:
Trenching and Cable Laying
Private Line Maintenance
Service Connections
High Voltage Cable Jointing
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What we do.



We can offer astart to finish service if your thinking of subdividing your property or lifestyle block or large scale subdivision.

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Trenching and cable laying.

If you need a new power source to your holiday home, shed or even new build we can trench and lay the right size cable to suit.

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Private line maintenance.

Service line maintenance is a must to keep your power safe and hazard free, to be reliable through storms and hold up in bad weather.

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Service Connections.

Needing extra fuse installed up a pole or in a pillar, or your cable installed up a Northpower pole. We can take care of that

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High Voltage cable jointing.

Our team can carryout High voltage cable jointing for electricity networks around the country.

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